December 6th, 2008

capybara not impressed

On Impressing My Mother

In DC! the hotel is VERY NICE, mostly because they upgraded me to a suite for free because they ran out of whatever room i told them i wanted. This is genius, because I paid them like $153, and somehow ended up with the best hotel room of all time.

There's a kitchen, a full living room with two couches, a dining room table and chairs and place settings for four, a bedroom, it's like an apartment. The bathroom has two sinks, and is also very nice. My mother makes no comment about all this until she gets into the bedroom and then yells:

"HEY! There's a CVS across the road!"

My family, we come from Pennsylvania. *facepalm* But it's actually good, because i forgot to bring pencils for the test lol.
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