December 18th, 2008

NEWS is photogenic

Fic, NEWS, The One Where Koyashige Are Happy

Title: The One Where Koyashige Are Happy [Koyama/Shige...except not]
Rating/Warnings: PG! Except for one 'fuck.'
Summary: Koyama and Shige have agreed on a rational decision and have a happy ending. Until everybody else gets ahold of it.
AN: For lyto because she has trouble telling when fics are happy, and for peroxidepest17 who mails me awesome things and probably agrees with Shige hardest of all.

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strangling pete wentz

All Your Ninjas Are Belong to Marks

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

I did a ton of Christmas shopping tonight finally, so now i'm mostly people. HAHA ALL UR PREZINTS R LATE. And I cleaned out rats and did laundry and stuff, so i was productive, but I'm so, so tired.

I might be seeing marksykins this weekend? Last I checked I was, and the weather is apparently crap and we haven't checked in with each other in a few days. So I don't know whether to be excited for tomorrow or whether I can stop cleaning or not.

When your internet boifurendo is a ninja, life is full of surprises. also i have no school plans for tomorrow. fail.
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