December 19th, 2008

have a present

A Conversation With My Mother

Me: "So then [brother] and I spent like $120 in the Target."
Mom: "I see."
Me: "You know, Dad's getting a 50-inch plasma TV, [brother] is getting an ipod from me, you're getting a...well, you're getting something good, let's just say. If i'm the only person in this family that doesn't get some high-end present this year, we're going to have a serious talk."
Mom: "Is there something big you want?"
Me: "...............not really."

MOUSIE IS TOO SIMPLE FOR CHRISTMAS. SADFACE. To bookend this, my christmas outfit just cost $30 and last night bought myself the first two seasons of Buffy for $26. This is probably why last birthday I got a phone, which after rebate cost my mother $40 and then there was a rebate, and my brother got airfare to Florida.

What I really want is somebody to put all my stories on my website. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. also i want a marty.
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