December 24th, 2008

jingle all the way

Ai no Katamari

NO SCHOOL FOR 12 DAYS AHAHAHAHAHAHA. (you think you students want the break bad, try being a teacher.)

and now i shamefully go to bed earlier than I did on any of the last four school nights. mmmmmmm, bed .
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Happy Christmas Eve, Flist!

Hope everybody's staying warm and dry today. I went out to run errands and it's POURING icy rain here, ick. But I did get my Kurosagi dvds from the post office and watch the first one. YOWZA, Yamapi! and then Koyama showed up and...oh yeah :D

I've been working on the site more, and at this point have all the translations i've done so far put up, although I'm still dicking around with the layout. I'm still working on getting the base page all sorted out, but you can see what I have here if you really want.

The new tv is GLORIOUS. we watched Nightmare Before Christmas on it, and the picture was even better than when I saw it in theaters the first time, probably *________*

Hopefully i'll have some fic up for you guys in the next day or two. I'm really close to my 100 fics for the year, so I'm totally going to make it, barring disaster, and I have a couple things in progress. But I know nobody will care for the next day or two, so I'm in no hurry, lol.

♥ to all of you, flist! Cenes ab ovo usque ad mala (may you dine from the egg to the apples, ie, sample the entire feast!) and hopefully you will get lots of presents too.
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