January 9th, 2009


They Could Frequent My Couch if They Preferred. It Folds Out.

Firefox keeps bugging me about switching to 3 now that they aren't doing 2 anymore. I don't want to change, I like 2, and I used 3 for about ten minutes when i got the new computer and didn't like the buttons.

FF users: What have you done about this FF3 thing?

I've already switched to 3.
I'm clinging to 2.

I have too much internet change in my life lately and not enough change in how many asian pop idols frequent my bedroom without being on a torn-out magazine page.

Also i am wearing socks on my wrists because it keeps my fingers from being cold. When you live alone, you do weird things sometimes without really acknowledging that they are at all out of the ordinary.
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