January 17th, 2009


And Also King of Wireless Networks

My brother got me an airport express for christmas, and i finally hooked it up to make my printer wireless! WOOHOO! What i really need to do is to go and get a usb hub so that I can make my externals wireless too.

It's name is Hasshi ♥ He's all little and sleek, but kind of square and awkward, lol, and at first he was fucking up my network a little, but i think it's all worked out now. It's also hilarious that my network is called PINKY, so Hasshi's like the little baby Jin repeater. HAHA see my geek joke.

I should go out and get food, but it's so cold! and i am so, so lazy.
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bunny fail

Fic, Kis-My-Ft2, Five Times Senga Wasn't A Bunny

Title: Five Times Senga Wasn't a Bunny (And Once Nikaido Wasn't Either) [Nikaido/Senga]
Authors: diamondsjack and mousapelli
Rating/Warnings: R for the two things that rabbits are good for.
Summary: Senga's not much good with code, and Nikaido is a jerk.
AN: Written in the same universe as diamondsjack's NaNo, Hi Tech, Low Intel, in which, as she says, ft2 go pseudo-cyberpunk in a round-robin of virtual idiocy.

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