January 24th, 2009

kamen rider

Witness the Power of Mousapelli

11:42:25 PM mousapelli: and you should write fic where masao is wataru and taiga's kid, and he's all "of course male fangire can reproduce, are you retarded"
11:42:35 PM m: and wataru is like WHAT FAIL
11:43:08 PM Trinity: I THOUGHT ABOUT THAT!
11:43:16 PM T: That was in my thoughts
11:43:51 PM m: and wataru's like "WERE YOU EVER GOING TO TELL ME" and taiga's like, haha, you know, eventually
11:43:56 PM m: ...when the test was positive...

and then she DID. What To Expect When You're Expecting, Taiga/Wataru, and if you know who Taiga is, it's not spoilery really.

I'm off to see Marks! WOOHOO.
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