January 25th, 2009

buchou love

1 + 1 Has Many Answers, Kaidoh


Actually I had a lot of other questions about the PoT Chinese drama, most of which had to do with the background music (Marks: "Do you think the porn music is piped into the regulars' courts?") and how long Chinese Inui and Chinese Kaidoh held hands.

but mostly, LOL. we are caught up at 5 now. I want more!
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BAD, aikata

Can't Somebody Just Fucking Rewrite the Driver

also: ANNOYED.

Although I somehow got the scanner working with leopard before, now it suddenly says no. Terminal can see that there IS a scanner, but TWAIN SANE then can't do anything with it. HATE.

Fine, i said, fine. the printer has a scanner, and now is wireless! i'll use that. But it turns out no i won't in fact use that. The printer will print over Hasshi but not scan. I had to get up take the computer over and usb the printer in anyway. WHAT THE HELL.

i don't want to buy a new scanner. I like my scanner. Fuck you, Canon.

ETA: it's fixed for real this time. I found the solution here, but the short story is that you have to use the uninstall thinger to uninstall all the other crap, and then reinstall the toolbox first, then the driver into the toolbox.

the driver and the toolbox have had minor updates on the site (it's now or something), which is what I used rather than my original CD which is about six years old by now.

You can't scan directly from photoshop, is what it is. I can scan from the Canon Toolbox program and tell it to open in PS, but I can't start there like I always used to. It's a small price to pay to get my faithful Canoscan LiDE 20 working again.

I'm going to go back and stick this on my other post about this, because when you google the problem, you get me! having the problem.
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