January 26th, 2009

tezuka has school pride

Fic, PoT (Chinese Drama), 1+1 Has Many Answers

Title: 1+1 Has Many Answers [Zhen Zhi/Hai Tang]
Rating/Warnings: PG for tennis anger.
Summary: Guo Guang tells Zhen Zhi that it's enough, already.
AN: for prillalar. Happy birthday, Hal! It's nothing brilliant or anything, but it's for you. also, I was really struggling with these Chinese names, so if I have the wrong one anyplace, somebody let me know.

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ryutarou's fault

Social Fail

I went to the gym after school with a friend from work, and she came over to my apartment so I could change and we could drive over together. As some of you have seen, the apartment is sort of...awash in Japanese boys. She asked about some of them, and then I drove so we were listening to my ipod in the car, but after a little, she got that sort of...look...about her.

You know the one i mean.

I think I weirded her out, but to be fair, she started it! You can't ask me a bunch of questions and then get all "....uh....huh...." when I answer them! So now i feel all awkward and cranky, because I hate being that moron who can't read social cues, and also I hate not having anybody to talk about fannish shit with in RL. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LEAVE ME, MARTY.

At least I got my Jemz package today, so I have lots of magazines, and also the cutest bento EVER. I'm taking it to school tomorrow! where no doubt my coworker will ask me a bunch of questions and give me the look some more.
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