March 22nd, 2009



I swear to god I am going to write something today if it kills me.

which explains why suddenly I am surrounded by tiny children at the Atlanta Bread Co.

*puts HS7 on itunes*

ETA: and then the computer starts playing LOVEJUICE. THANKS, SHOON. VERY HELPFUL.

Rachel, have I broken your AIM or are you just busy? cause if you sending me messages, I am not seein them.
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dumbledore hat

Dear Jim Butcher

It isn't like i'm not thrilled you're a popular author these days, my friend. I was singing your praises so long ago that the third Dresden book had barely come out and it was still back in a time when there was at least one fool willing to date me. You are in fact one of the only Sci-fi authors left I willingly spend money on.

I do sort of miss the days when I didn't have to wait a year plus to get my hands on a paperback novel of yours, and when they didn't cost $10. I even forgave you the inevitable cover re-design, so that now none of the new books match my old ones.

BUT HOLY HELL, MAN. what is with the whacked out paperback book size? I would pay you $12 to have a book which frakking matched all my other books! Now it sticks up like a half-inch more than the other ones? Why would you DO that?!

Fail, Jim. Fail. Let's try to be a little less like Laurel Hamilton in the future, hm?

Kisses, me

PS: Karen Murphy is my FAVORITE, and I want Harry to marry her like WHOA CRAZY FUCK.
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