March 28th, 2009

surrounded by idiots

Last Year I Almost Bought Him Boxers That Said "It's Time to Duel!"

i've been feeling all blaaaargh all week, but at least it's Saturday and I don't have to talk to anybody for a couple days. Sometimes I wonder if left to my own devices i really would turn into a hikikomori. the most messed up part is that sometimes i think "that would be nice~"

I'm trying to decide what I want to do today, and I might hit up the Wegmans, or maybe Hot Topic to try and pick up the last of my brother's birthday present. I dled Romeo x Juliet, so I might start watching that.

Speaking of DVDs, i got a bunch more Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes cheap from, but one of the discs has like no DVD stuff on the back, lol. I've never seen a defective dvd like it, it's just a label printed on a clear disc. i'm going to have to email them about it, but they're so cheap and kind of shady that I doubt i'll get anything out of it. Excepting the defective disc, i now own all but 7 YGO episodes official! the releases i've been buying don't sync up so i'm missing 200-207.
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stealing yr duelz

Also I Really Want Fic Where YamaPi is Yuugi and Jin is Yami

And then for some reason i thought it would be a great idea to throw in my terribly bootleg HK DVDs and start Yu-Gi-Oh! over again from the beginning.

The awesome news, though, is that I can understand almost everything they're saying now. god bless you formulaic Shounen anime! But it really is cool to rewatch things I watched so long ago that I can see improvement in my Japanese.

and also because these subs are so hilariously bad. SECRET RIDER CLARE, ATTACK!

ETA: "I still have a King of the Kong!" HK SUBS ILUSM.
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