April 2nd, 2009

no words for tendou

I Know Who Yukimura Is


I think every single travel item that could be sorted out as of this moment is NOW SORTED OUT. Plane tickets are bought, hotels are booked, and roommates have been decided.

Things which i have just learned:

*the difference between regular and DELUXE DOUBLE is $5 a night if you are fancy ladies.
*there is The Chipotle right next door.
*Binghamton's airport is smaller than Burlington's.
*driving to France does not = brb.
*since flying from airport to airport to airport where nothing is roundtrip is cheaper than using my miles, apparently the miles will accrue until I get a free trip to the moon.
*and as always, I really really miss the Shinkansen.

This continues to be the only 'travel' icon I possess.
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reindeer porn

God I Feel Like Luffy

I have now reached the point where i am SO HUNGRY that I am literally unable to decide what I want to d about food (make it? go get it? what sort of food? from where?)

THIS IS TROUBLING. it's like being so exhausted you can't sleep only with your body making ANGRY ANGRY NOISES at you.
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