April 5th, 2009

mangaka at work

The Chaotic Butterfly Dedication Page

I spent hours yesterday and most of today formatting Chaotic Butterfly into a PDF and making a cover so that I can get my free printed proof copy of it from CreateSpace for winning NaNo in 2007. It was a gigantic pain in the ass! But it's done now, so hopefully they'll approve it without any further hassle.

Whatever else happens with it, I think you ought to know that the dedication page reads as follows:

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Fanart for Completely and Utterly

Through an odd chain of events which involved konzatsu, there is now some super-awesome fanart for Completely and Utterly (the one where Jaejoong and Yunho have chatsex) done by Shigai here.

You'll have to join Shigai's art comm to see it, but it's got cute and hot DBSK art! So it's worth it, you see.

It's fabulous for about ten million reasons, but you should click through to see the expression on Changmin's face if for nothing else. Also Jaejoong's T-shirt. Go tell Shigai that SHE IS COMPLETE AND UTTER GENIUS.
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