April 8th, 2009

subtext is for weenies

Various and Sundry

一つ: I have a Gambit slurpee cup from the 7-11. THIS IS AMAZING. I've been in love with Gambit ever since the 4th grade, when I used to watch the animated X-men show. (I also enjoyed Tommy from Power Rangers, but it wouldn't be until nearly two decades later I would realize this was the start of my affair with Toku.)

二つ: this webcomic always cracks me up, but today is extra special because it is about medieval fanboys. It's almost even better than when they do the 'Cooking with Superman' segment.

三つ: Sometimes I take stock of myself as though from the outside as I enter the apartment building, in case somebody cute and single might be new and coming down the stairs to double-check whether I really will be alone forever. But really, if there were a guy holding a Gambit Slurpee cup and wearing the cow/chicken/egg T-shirt from Threadless.com and singing a Kamen Rider Kiva insert song while they checked their mail, I'd be like "LET'S GET MARRIED, HOW IS NOW FOR YOU?"

四つ: and then I realize that 三つ is probably why I really will be alone forever. At least the guinea pig will love me. So long as I keep dispensing carrots and timothy hay.

五つ: maybe it's for the best though, as it's probably best if nobody is here to witness my response to this shot of Jin. SRSLY, HOLY SHIT. I don't care if he is a giant jackass, I would ride that thing harder than the Shinkansen, and if I were Pi i would hit that about 15 times a day. Maybe that's why Pi's so exhausted all the time.
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