April 11th, 2009


It's Blue Duct Tape, If You Wanted To Know That

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

WHOA. I got eggs out of Ohmiya, Takkitsuba, AND Jaeho! Spring really must be in the air. Hence the spring egg from Ohmiya.

Still lounging about lazily and not getting done what I need to, I wrote about 600 words yesterday. But I'm heading to lancaster tonight to get dinner with my brother and probably to hit up the GAP outlet and also to maybe check out the Apple store in the mall. Expect the usual update from there, but hopefully i won't buy a new computer again (what happens in Shinsaibashi stays in Shinsaibashi).

Also I finally got an email back from Foxanime, and they said they'll take the DVD back, so here's hoping. Shady anime dealer, you may yet redeem yourself! Except this means a trip to the post office in the pouring rain.

And finally, I am on the third or possibly fourth experimental treatment for the Wart Which Refuses to Die (let's play NAME THAT WART in my comments), which now is an off-label use of something used to topically kill small skin cancers. But after applying it, I have to put water-proof tape on it. So finally, after more than a year of everybody just telling me to do that in the first place, I am putting duct tape on the wart twice a day.
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No New Computer Yet

This is the effing tiniest keyboard I have ever seen, attached to the effing largest display that I have ever seen.

CHOU SUGOI. Although I have never myself been in a market for a display, either ginormous or otherwise, this one sort of makes me wish that I was.

on the other hand, I fiddled around with the new earbuds with the controls on them, and they are pretty cool. I might actually get myself a pair for the ipod shuffle, because i really can't tell what the songs on it are, lol, and sometimes at the gym i'll hear one and be like "wtf is THAT" and then of course there's like 1200 things on the shuffle and I can never find it again.

sweet christ this keyboard is ADORABLE. Apple, I would pay for your brand any day, yo. Also, while we're on the topic, marksykins was recently won over by sabotage and cute packaging, hooray!
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