April 23rd, 2009


Follow-Up About Chaotic Butterfly and International Shipping

I just mailed diamondsjack, my faithful guinea pig, her copy of Chaotic Butterfly, and it ran me about $15 to mail it to her in Australia in a padded envelope. I'd be willing to bet that mailing it anyplace would be more or less the same, but probably not much more, since you can't get much farther away from me than Australia.

The other thing we tested out was her paying me by sending me an Amazon gift certificate, because then I could actually use the money directly to buy the book in the first place, and it wouldn't cost me anything out-of-pocket, plus there aren't any paypal fees that way. It seemed to work just fine for her!

So, if those of you who live outside the USA are interested, like a few of you mentioned, comment or email me. The cost would be the $13 of the book plus whatever it cost me to actually mail it to you; judging from DJ's test run it'd be about $28, give or take. I'll give it a few days so if a couple of people want me to do that, I can order stuff together.

And if anybody stateside is interested and missed it before, you can always Buy CB on CreateSpace or from Amazon.
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Kira-Kira, Yo

Also, since I was sort of a dick about it yesterday:

THANK YOU FOR MY PRESENTS, konzatsu and elise_maxwell! And Jemz and Clare too if you were involved. Aside from the necklace and the glitter (omg everywhere fail), they sent me a Yunho tiger plushie and a Yunho postcard, and he's sitting right next to my Mirotic album and my Ryuuk plushie.

Yaaaay fannish friends ♥♥♥

LOOKIT MY DROWZEE YES. *cuddles preemptively*
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