April 26th, 2009

yabu hikaru

But I Do Have Hopes KAT-TUN Will Get Here By Thursday

Koyama+Yabu+Hikaru Koi no ABO on Hi Hey Say = complete win! both of them are all tall and gangly like Koyama, which is what makes Koyama great at disco in the first place XD

Also, having seen Myojo HSJ scans, I renew my declaration that Chinen is going to be the death of any dregs of dignity that any of us have left. HOLY CRAP. I actually had seen the scan of him and the mirror on my flist but thought it was photoshopped. SADFACE. Dear Chinen, please have three or four more birthdays right now KTHX.

I also wish I could write something, but apparently am broken. And this whole week is a string of DRIVE HERE NOW DRIVE THERE OMG NO NO DRIVE BACK HERE. It's not even May yet and I'm already exhausted.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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dratini trainer

Hungry and Crankypants

I feel immense cranky coming on, prompted by school tomorrow, the impending business of this week, and the fact that I had to switch cars with my dad already. I want my truck back T^T Gah, Sunday nights I hate you so much. SO MUCH. I never ever hated going to high school as a student as much as I do as a teacher. Job please be over soon alsfjalsfjk.

darkeyedwolf, is that you I see over on GPX+, hatchin eggs with me? I made a sexy new icon and everything *uses*

I'm running to the grocery story to buy mini wieners and instant croissants, you feel free to guess what for.
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pig beta

If Rachel Hugged Nikaido, She Would Die

Jackoweskla: write me jin/nikaido
Mousapelli: holy hell why
Jackoweskla: because i'm watching the queen of pirates con
and at the end jin wishes nikaido a happy birthday for tomorrow
and it's like... wtf jin why did you do that
Mousapelli: lol, aww
Jackoweskla: i am just trying to give you writing options
Mousapelli: the guinea pig is chewing his bars now
i dunno whether he agrees with you or is horribly disgusted
Jackoweskla: ahahahahahhahahha
Mousapelli: "Jin stroked the guinea pig and thought to himself that this was the life. Nakamaru wanted to know exactly where jin had acquired a guinea pig, but was roundly ignored."
Jackoweskla: haaaaaaagha;dsfjld;alsjfa
Mousapelli: jin/nikaido
Jackoweskla: awesome
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