April 28th, 2009

elvis is dead

It Ended With Me Locked Out Of My Apartment

I really wanted to be elated that the Latin Festival is done for a whole nother year, but instead I just keep failing at everything and so now am like fifty times crankier than I was yesterday at about this time. I THOUGHT THAT WAS IMPOSSIBLE. WHO KNEW.

i'm pretty sure I shouldn't be in charge of anything or anybody at any time in the near future, but OH THE IRONY that's entirely what my job consists of, plus i get to drive around for hours and hours for the rest of the week. Chance of that ending well: 0%.

Di and Linds, I'm picking you up. I'm going to try and get the whole day off Friday, but even if I can't, it's ridiculously out of Marty's way to get you, and we're not making her do it.

Jemz, if you have any wedding-esque jewelry that involves silver or lavender you might want to bring it because I can't get five freaking seconds to myself until like Monday night, so i find shopping even less likely than me being unlost for any length of time. You'll also end up probably doing my makeup, just to warn you. come prepared.

everybody else probably just ought to avoid me as much as possible, because i'll either infect you with Bubonic Fail or else just start a big fight with you.

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