May 7th, 2009

hasshi needs a unit

If Koyama and Senga Had Babies


On my flist today were linked recent pictures of Taemin from SHINee, who last year at debut still had his tiny asian child bowlcut, not to mention, actually sparkled. Like an anime character, only for real.

Taemin last year (15):

Taemin now (16):

WHAT. WHY. ADGKLJAGKJ KOREA FUCK YOU. More pictures of Taemin's ridiculous larva-to-butterfly action here.

Mousapelli: he's like if koyama and senga had babies. ridiculously sparkly hot dance leader babies.
Jackoweskla: oooooi
Mousapelli: this is my sad sad face
Jackoweskla: your hasshi icon makes it so convincing
Mousapelli: rotfl hasshi's still 15. god if hasshi and taemin made out, the world would explode
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