May 13th, 2009


What Amazing Butterfly

Amazon is having a huge Sci-fi sale, btw, on which I just dropped quite a few dimes (ugh, the monies) but while I was there, as usual, I looked up my own book, because I am a tool.

Some interesting factoids about Chaotic Butterfly as sold on Amazon:

* My sales rank is #1,262,694 in Books! It doesn't sound impressive, but *I'M* excited about it! I'm in one millionth place! There are 6,705,730,458 people on the planet whose sales rank is lower than mine! (that is not a made-up number, I completely googled the world's population)

* You can search inside the book! dude, that's AMAZING. I told it to surprise me and got page 274, which ends with Sakurai musing about how hot Uesugi-kun is.

* Even though I wrote the blurb, it boggles my mind to see it there. It's not that I thought that Amazon wrote those or whatever, but when I get to "5*STAR plans to go SUPERNOVA" I'm just like "aldfalklkjdas my mouth noises are on amazon homg homg"

* If you guys, with the power of the internets, wouldn't mind clicking through and either confirming the tags I just stuck on it or adding your own (anything's fine, lol). Tabris pointed out that there were some disturbing tags there because nobody had clicked anything yet, so I fixed it by sticking in my own, but it'd be nice to have tags that are better than my 'music' and 'fail.'

* Customers who bought me have also bought Kelley Armstrong and Cassandra Clare! That's, lol, because only a handful of people have bought it i can totally see what you all are buying lmao (Whoever bought the Percy Jackson book along with me, I love you forever).

DJ's helping me typocheck still, so PDF will appear soon! And thanks to everybody who owns a hardcopy now (my brother bought one and showed up with it randomly to sign it, it was so surreal). ♥♥♥♥♥ You guys are my one true fans, yo.

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