May 31st, 2009


Amazon: Ur Doin It Right? Sales Rank: #141,516 in Books

ahahahahah WHAT. To achieve this sales rank, you apparently have to buy 2 copies of your own book (which is what I did yesterday). Given this trend, if I buy a couple more I might even break into the quintuple digits! that's how we measure success around here.

Also, for those of you warped by JE who want to know this kind of thing, as of this moment there are exactly 14 Limited First Press editions of Chaotic Butterfly in the entire world. And I do mean world, since at least one is in Australia and one in the UK.

Somewhere a stamp collector is wetting his pants. If one of them came out upside down, said stamp collector might have an aneurysm of glee.

this is all a long way of saying, I'm about to upload my new PDF, which will make my book unavailable until they send me my proof. Anybody who, like me, ordered one in the last couple days SHOULD get the first edition version, the website says. I guess if you see this and have an OMG PANIC because you wanted the first one (lol, i'm so perplexed that this is an issue), you can I suppose comment in the hopes that you will stop me in time for a little bit. ETA: YOU DIDNT SEE ANY OF THOSE TYPOS.

and I'll give everybody the heads-up when the second one is online and ready to rock n roll.

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