June 1st, 2009

starfruits are wrinkled assholes

I Was Promised Tacos

Turtwig and a Totodile egg! HUZZAH!

Proof of CB ordered, copy of Platinum ordered, and also the copies of CB that I ordered on Saturday say "almost shipped" so hopefully they will indeed be first press as promised. You know, I'm sure usually the author is more organized and this isn't so much a problem.

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My family is supposed to be calling me about food. SO HUNGRY.
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Remix Sign-Ups

Remix Sign-Ups are open!

Go sign up! Especially if you are in DBSK or JE because that's what I want to Remix and if I get stuck with a bunch of people who write Jin/girls I'm coming over there to beat you losers up.

If you're curious about Remix and how it runs, that link has a pretty good explanation of what you need to be able to play, and what the rules of it are. But this is the first year that JE or DBSK could count as a fandom, so let's make the most of it!
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