June 6th, 2009

subtext is for weenies

Why Don't You Dance With Me

Time Machine was driving me nuts, so Beth helped me partition off Reon into a littler chunk that Time Machine could populate and NOT take up a TB of space (srsly apple wtf were you thinking). The new very tiny partition is named...Kitamitsu.

XD Kitayama wanted a time machine, so... ♥

Anyway, we watching the subbed version of Endless Shock last night, which was by turns entertaining, hilarious, boring, super long, and sort of WTF near the end. But I love Koichi and Tsubasa and Yara and A.B.C., so there were worse ways to spend three hours. Also Koichi and Tsubasa are far gayer for each other than either of them was for that girl.

I get my haircut this afternoon! Woot!
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