June 7th, 2009

sanada nozawa 2

It'll Probably Be Sanazawa

Beth has left me to return to her native land D: Nika is also sad at the loss of his new girlfriend.

I have a graduation party to go to next which I'm a little nervous about because it's for a students and I don't think I'll know anybody. Being a grownup is for losers D: D: D:

But I have nothing else to do after that, so my plan is to continue working on the website, probably play pokemon Platinum some (i have a piplup!) and maybe watch some Yu-Gi-Oh! with my brother.

and maybe also try to write a fic for the JE FQF that actually contains some porn. You know, it never fails that when i HAVE to write sex for something, the stupid characters are all "let's grow up and learn life lessons together and then we can hug and snuggle in a platonic way!" Fail.

And I also want to write a fic called "Your Lips Say No, But Your Piplup Says Piplup."

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dratini trainer

My Piplup is Named Nokkun

Got my pokemon Platinum friend code! it's 0603 3669 1176 if you want to add me to your pal pad.

You should leave me yours if you play and want to hang out all digitally.

I'm running out to do an errand with my dad, but I'll be back later.
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