June 15th, 2009

elvis is dead

Another Super Awesome Dr's Visit

1. So I had this pimple, in an entirely undesirable place, and then it sort of became several bumps, and yesterday it turned scary colors, SO, i had to go to the doctor's.

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2. While I was there, i mentioned the tick and had the guy look to see if there were tick bits just to make sure. And he was like "...well there's kind of a rash there." YAY LYME DISEASE. The best part was when he named the symptoms (fatigue, joint pain, headaches) and I was like "...you mean, my normal state of being?" So apparently I could be dying of Lyme Disease and I would never know.

So to review: potential MRSA AND Lyme Disease. I daresay I've had the most productive morning of anybody. So I'm on some crazy antibiotic for everything. STAY TUNED FOR MORE EXCITING HEALTH DISASTERS.
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I Blame The Lyme Disease

I napped all afternoon because I felt like shit (thank you, power of suggestion) and consequently got nothing written. Why do I suck so hard at writing all the sudden?


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