June 22nd, 2009

wtf japan

In Which Japan Confounds All of My Expectations Yet Again

I'm going to preface this entire post with this statement: I have watched a good amount of asian male/male porn at this point, but i've never had one make me CRACK THE FUCK UP before.

until now.

So I'm casually watching Precious Sora, which is by Coat. The first two scenes are totally normal. The third one starts with a date to the zoo. Not that weird. They go into the petting zoo.

AND PET GUINEA PIGS FOR LIKE FIVE FULL MINUTES. LMFAO WHAT?! JAPAN IS INSIDE MY BRAIN. So I just started capping, in between giggling my ass off, so here you go: have some male Japanese AV actors on a date, cuddling guinea pigs.

Collapse )

it seriously went on forEVER. It's like Japan asked itself "what could make sara freak out even more than usual? is there anything we haven't done yet? OH WAIT I KNOW! HAVE THE PORN STARS CUDDLE GUINEA PIGS."

and this is why Japan will own my soul forever.
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