June 23rd, 2009


It's Possible I've Written More HP than JE

506 fics posted on website.

Everything's done from the memories except the 24-hour Ficathon. And there's a bunch of other stuff missing from the memories! Raise your hand if you are shocked.

I think it's possible that this might be finished sometime in the near future.

I'm going to crawl into bed now and hopefully tomorrow I will feel like going to CVS/the gym/writing fic/doing anything I'm supposed to.
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just as oishi thought

We Are Exactly What Meets The Eye

My family is showing up to get me for the midnight showing of Transformers in a couple minutes. I wonder if anybody thought to call and check whether it was sold out? probably not. hmm.

and then I think we're going to the casino. my family = full of spontaneous addicts.

See you sometime around dawn?

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