June 24th, 2009

well its long, Take the House

Nika-chan Da Yo

As to be expected from going to bed at 5 am and sleeping until 1 pm, I feel all algkjaglkagjk today.

Transformers was good. not like FUCK ME AMAZING, but about as good as the first one and I was pretty entertained, if confused during the fight scenes.

Casino was crap. not that i even go there expecting to win anything serious, because I don't have that kind of luck and never will, but dad and I both lost essentially everything we played and I ended up being down about $45, which is pretty bad for me. And then I had to loan my dad money lol.

It was kind of fun to be there at 3 am though and not to have to wait for any of the fun machines and not get smoked all over. they also had Fanta ginger ale. the sad thing is that if it had been Fanta melon cream i would have been vaguely okay with it costing me $45.

anyway, gym is a wash for today, but guinea pigs/rats do need cleaned (i notice the porn stars are never around for the gross part of owning guinea pigs, just cuddling), and I think if I try real hard I actually could be done with the website, maybe.

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