June 29th, 2009

stealing yr duelz

Sometimes Yugi Wakes Up Encased in Leather and Doesn't Know Why

At midnight I thought it was a super idea to start making sushi for the first time, lol. The rolls turned out...not so attractive. But they don't taste too bad XD

I've also been watching a crapload of Yu-Gi-Oh! because my brother is trying to finish the whole series before he leaves for Italy soon. Mokuba cross-dresses in a pink, poofy princess dress, and Kaiba isn't even surprised. Then Yami tells Yugi that he isn't fancy enough and needs to accessorize more. LOL where is the awesome bodyswitch sex for this fandom?!!

I got up early to watch more Wimbleton, and all they will show me is freaking women. AGH SERENA WILLIAMS IS NOT EXCITING. Feds is playing! Haas is playing! NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOUR RETARDED WOMEN.

Also there is some allergen in the air this summer that is making my eyes actually HURT. this is a symptom I've never had before and it SUCKS.

Dear ESPN: Petrova isn't any better! MEN YOU FOOLS. SHOW THE MEN. This is week 2 for christ sake! no wonder I can't ever see the doubles final on tv.

my family went to the casino without me on Friday and everybody won like at least fifty bucks. i was like, clearly! since I didn't go. everybody should pay me NOT to go, and then we'd all come out ahead.
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Drabble Your Black Little Fannish Hearts Out

musikologie and I just got je100 up and running, and the first theme is summer.

Go write me fics of exactly 100 words! Any JE group or person is fine~ (Pero, I added a V6 tag just for you, yo). Any rating, any pairing, any band, I do not care just show me the fic yo.

The Summer challenge will last until next Tuesday, so you have all week to come up with something and/or post as many different ones as you want. Plus, fierce competition! You get to pick a unit to support and BATTLE TO THE DEATH.

anyway, it's fun and low-pressure and you should do it! Whether you miss hp100 like Beth and I do, or whether you're too new in fandom to even know what i'm talking about. Fun for all ages! I even stuck a NEWS drabble up there already to amuse and tantalize you.

je100 je100 je100
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