July 1st, 2009

starfruits are wrinkled assholes

Everything on the Left Side of It Is Broken

I just want to say that since school ended, I have been to the gym 12 times, which is like 3 out of every 4 days, which is more than anybody in their right mind should have to go to the gym, and i have fucking gained four pounds.

so help me god, if anybody writes "it's muscle mass" in my comments i will reach through the computer and cockslap you across the face, because it really really isn't.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. I am going to bed in the hopes that I will wake up in somebody else's body which isn't the worst body in the entire world.
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Homer is 5*STAR's Newest Fanboy

I think I meant to say this a little bit ago, but CreateSpace somehow fixed the issue with the two Japanese spots in Chaotic Butterfly, and I told one or two of you that i'd give you the heads-up when that was straightened out so you didn't get the weird one.

so now it's as fine as it's going to get and you should all buy my book. Or just download the PDF and tell me I'm great, whichever. Although at the moment i'm at like $17 in royalties, which means they might actually have to send me a check soon, lol. I think I have to top $20 for that, iirc.

I sort of feel like a tool every time I repost that link, but then a few more of you buy it and the feeling goes away. :D You know the PDF's been downloaded 127 times? That's crazyness ♥ and I hope whoever's been reading it has been enjoying it.

In other loltastic news, my father is like 3/4s of the way through the book, which is about 7/8s through farther than i thought he would get. I've been very proud of the old man. Although I couldn't quite smother the entire giggle when he said "Flynn-kun" out loud the first time, and I think he can't say "Tsukioka" because he keeps calling him "the little one." It's all very adorable.

He says he would have made the Rin/Goto fight have lasted longer and had another blow up and i made the D: face because honestly just writing that one was entirely displeasing with me.

I've been doing, for all intents and purposes, nothing for a solid week, and then I somehow managed to double-book myself for tomorrow. What the hell, self.

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