July 3rd, 2009

surrounded by idiots

For Realz Dialogue From Yu-Gi-Oh!

While discussing the teenage boys whose bodies they are possessing:

Marik: *makes some comment about Bakura's host body*
Bakura: "This guy? Pfft, my 'landlord' is easy to control."
Marik: "'Landlord'? LMAO THAT'S HILARIOUS."

Needless to say, the HK bootlegs did not sub this exchange terribly well, but I LOLed nonetheless. PS: I have no idea why I know the Japanese word for landlord (it's yadonushi, if you wanted to know, although yanushi also means landlord, weirdly). This is almost as amusing as the fact that they've started subbing Yami's smug little "Hn~" noise as "Piff!"

PPS: why is there not a crapload of amazing hot and wrong body-switch porn for this show? marksykins says this is proof that fandom does everything wrong, and I AGREE. Also somebody has to seriously write some mokuba/yugiyami/kaiba because otherwise I will have to do it D:.

Also the Yugi/Marik duel where he sets up the endless loop is one of the coolest duels in the entire series imho, and I love that episode like crazy. In no small part because Kaiba shows up and yells "Aren't you my rival?! Can't you see our road?! YOU HAVE TO BEAT GOD TO MOVE FORWARD!" which not only is so ridiculously shounen that it makes my heart go pitty-pat, but also echoes Yami's dismissive boast at the beginning of the duel when Yugi tries to warn him about the god cards. "Kami no Card? KAMI WO TAOSU!"

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