July 7th, 2009

stag beetle

Can't Wait to Hit the Stage and Say Hello to Jersey

I am back safe from marksykins's! Despite the fact that GPS did not believe in her address, I made it.

It takes like four pieces of major technology to get me from home to Marks and I still get lost. What on earth did people fifty years ago do?

also, apparently I still know all the words to both of Story of the Year's albums, even though i haven't listened to either one of them since I left Vermont three years ago.
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rum gone

Happy Jyanai

My baby brother is on a plane to Italy right now and won't be back for months, if ever. WAAAH. GIVE HIM BACK. ;.;

New JE100 Challenge: CAKE! go write me drabbles.

I'm close to 3k on the Remix, and it's going okay, I just don't in any way want to write it. or do anything besides maybe cry some more.

I should be SUPER AWESOME EXCITED to leave for Seattle/CA Thursday, but I have packed nothing and done no laundry and do not want to drive back to PHL any more unless my brother will be there when I arrive ;.; ;.; ;.;

My Pokemon Platinum guide arrived, and it's seriously four times thicker than i thought it would be LOL. I should flip my game on and go collect berries for the day but I don't want to do that either. If you don't pick them in time, do you lose the berries? or do they eventually regrow?

My face hurts. FUCK YOU, ITALY.
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