July 10th, 2009


I'm here! Also, A Request

I am safe in Seattle! I made it in one try and everything.

Hey, does anybody still have the Skies of Memory video that BleuVII made a million years ago? It's the one where he cut out all the cutscenes from Chain of Memories. I totally have it, but it's at home on my harddrive, so I can't hand it over to konzatsu right this second.

That's what you guys are usually good for :D anybody have a good link for that still?
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1 percent alien

A Not Quite So Fail Update

Seattle is very pretty so far! I was warned against all manner of poor weather, but instead it's like a vaguely cooler version of Pennsylvania. Actually, I thought it would look a lot different from PA (California does), but it really doesn't, much. Although it sort of looks more like Vermont.

In other weird news, it seems that whenever I have my period, a bunch of you do too. Even when you are on other continents, lol. Those pheromones are srs busnss yo.

I sent a text message to my brother (in Italy) yesterday that said "I'm in Seattle. I think this is the farthest apart we've ever been D:" and his response was "I KNOW. It just means we have to kick ass twice as hard!" COME HOME, YOU FOOL. Italy is for chumps D: D: D:

But my Remix is posted and in the moderation queue! So at least that's done with.

Elise is looking up Japan airfares for August and they're like $835. WAAAAAAANT. Now that it is actually 'go to Japan' time for me and i'm not going, i'm way more enduringly sad about it than I thought I'd be. I kind of thought I'd get over it, like a grownup, esp since i'm still on vacation on going on planes and seeing people!

but no. I want melon cream fanta and ume onigiri and Kiomizudera and Chidoricho. I WANT MY SHINKANSEN. I want w-inds. and new lightsticks and K8 goods that look like penises. sadfaaaaaaace.


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