July 12th, 2009

tego is the asian one

What's going on Fuwafuwa Da Yo

I am eating Cheezits and listening to the Tegomass album, so things are pretty chill on the West Coast. Also I wrote a couple je100 drabbles for the cake challenge finally, and you should too, if only so that the completely shameful Hasshi/Tottsu isn't still sitting at the top of the page D:

Rachel made me do it D: D: D:

It's also really nice to have not had a single sinus headache or any other allergy drama for a bunch of days in a row, and to not need to drag my allergy medicine along. I'm completely allergic to Pennsylvania, yay. hilariously, i watched a thing on the news once that said the worst allergen place in the whole country was my area in PA, and the second worst was Burlington VT, where i was at school.

I was the only person in the whole state being like "WOW THE AIR IS SO NICE UP HERE" because i'd come from the only place worse in the whole country. Win or fail, you decide.

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