July 21st, 2009

kis my me mine

fuck my life

I'm back home in my apartment! all my luggage made it and everything, and I'm safe in bed.

ugh will deal with the rest of it tomorrow.

diamondsjack, I got your email and looked it over :D :D :D rotfl "onegaishimousie"
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BAD, aikata

Why Is It Always Tuesday?

you know that I'm doing poorly when I have my glasses on and my bangs pinned up in that fail JE bobby pin way. *uses Akito fail hair icon*

I crawled out of the apartment to see HBP again with some people from school, and they all hated it, lol. they were all grumpy about the stuff that got left out, and I was just like "Eh~ you just have to watch a bunch of times real fast! then you'll love it!" and then everybody stared at me and I remembered that I was with normal people. oops. I need a Snape icon that says "Fuck My Life."

I miss shabzilla and musikologie and swtjemz and konzatsu and elise_maxwell and kenaressa and Crys and Iris and Liz and Jinni and all you other nutjobs.

My parents are coming over to drop off the guinea pig ("He's back!") and then I might go out to buy myself an air purifier. Ugh, internal clock why are you so fucked up. Also it's Tuesday again, which means I have to count up je100 points and change the challenge again. Unless musikologie sees this first and loves me! *is hopeful*
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