July 27th, 2009

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Is This a Tip?

I just started rereading Goblet of Fire, and after about ten pages, $12 fell out of my book and onto my chest, a ten and two ones.

what the fucking fuck? I have never in my life stored money in a book, nor used it as a bookmark. LOL what the hell.

on the other hand, this is better luck than I generally have even at the casino. Any ideas for what I should use my ill-gotten gains?
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Fic, SHINee, When It All Comes Down

Title: When It All Comes Down [Taemin/SHINee]
Rating/Warnings: G? Except for Onew nearly getting killed by the light, I guess.
Summary: When everything goes to pieces on Music Bank, Taemin keeps his head best, not that that says much in his band.
AN: procreational wanted fic where Taemin isn't 12 anymore. SHINee for serious sleeps in bunk beds with Onew in the middle, which is so cute as to be completely disgusting. Feel free to go check it out. Sometimes I think about KAT-TUN or Kisumai being forced to live like that, and then I stop because they'd all be dead.

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Translation, GReeeeN, Mata Ne.

I just love this song a lot, and now that I know what the end says, I love it fifteen times more ♥

corrections welcome. I was super psyched to read "相談" without any help because it's one of my JLPT3 vocab words, lol. I toddlerfisted and everything.

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