July 30th, 2009

oh noes desu


I am supposed to go out with people tonight, for a coworkers birthday. I don't want to do it. I like everybody who's going, i like going out to dinner, while I don't enjoy that it's downtown it's not like a huge problem, so i'm not sure exactly what my drama is, other than I know they are going out to the bars after dinner and I don't want to.

If you are new here, HI I HAVE SOCIAL ISSUES. I just don't like people *sadface*. I suspect that part of it is pms (jesus, again? didn't we just do this?!) and part of it is still being worn out from OMG TOO MANY PEOPLE at Azkatraz, despite the fact that that was, um, a week and a half ago. and I have done literally nothing since then except for lurk about my apartment and leave it as little as possible. I think also not being at school makes this worse, although I am healthier in general, the fact that I am exposed to less people constantly for months at a time lowers my level of acceptable social activity.

we are carpooling so i will probably call my mother and have her come and get me after dinner like a complete child. mousie = adult fail.

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