August 4th, 2009

Mokuba Sadface

Maybe I Will Just Watch More Yu-Gi-Oh!.

I woke up with a raging sinus headache this morning, and so have done nothing all day other than poke about the internet and work on my JLPT stuff a little on Honestly, as much as I am not at all excited for school to start back up, at least once it does i will be forced to get up before noon and maybe will get something accomplished.

For dinner I'm thinking hot dogs wrapped in croissant rolls again. I am so white trash it's not even funny.

In the true but strange category, once of my boobs is suddenly noticeably larger than the other. I'm noticing it because the bra is not so much containing things on the one side. What. The hell. All this year, the PMS symptoms have been getting more severe and I've started getting new ones i've never had before (like the uniboob), and it's starting to be more than a little crazy-making.

dear body: i understand you are routinely disgruntled about the lack of reproducing going on, but I don't think that making just one boob larger is going to help that. Try both, maybe! Although on second thought, don't, as you will just fuck it up.

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