August 7th, 2009

stag beetle

Don't U Ever Sleep

HAHA guess who is still awake. D:

But had a full day in the city with snowqueenofhoth-tachi, and successfully met up with musesfool for dinner at the Italian place we've been to a couple of times there (ravioli amatriciana OM NOM NOM). We split a pitcher of white wine sangria, which I think I might actually prefer to the regular kind, and then I shattered a glass all over the table!

I'm the reason we can't have nice things.

But we've accomplished basically every thing I was supposed to, and we're just going to hang around tomorrow today and watch cons and things.

PS - I am super sad-faced about how the Nikaido birthday fic only has the two inevitable comments from Rachel and DJ (not that I don't love the two of you ♥). JE fandom, why are you so fail about commenting? What is with all the lurking? D: D: D:
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