August 15th, 2009


Kaiba Seto Is the Worst Loser Ever

Here at the Battle City finals, Yami Yugi just spent five full minutes debating where the line between "friend" and "rival" is and how he just beat the hatred in Kaiba's heart so that Kaiba can become a true duelist and they can get married walk their ROAD OF DESTINY TOGETHER.

Meanwhile Mokuba defends his position as my favorite character by getting immediately in Jounouchi's face for suggesting his brother needs some friends. Shounen anime, never leave me! There's seriously no way I'm going to get out of this without writing the mokuba/yugi//yami/Kaiba and probably a bunch of Kaiba Kyoudai besides.

other than that, nothing much going on. I did laundry, but animals still need cleaned before my apartmentguests arrive, although i may do it tomorrow morning instead to give us all 12 extra hours of guinea pig freshness. Mmm, tasty.

ah, damn, my one disc has scratches on it. HK dvds, you fail again! *goes to download 136-137*

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