August 18th, 2009

starfish guitar

Okamoto Should Sing Werewolf in London

I have no super awesome updates. I acquired a musikologie and a seeschildkroete on Sunday, and then we hung around and watched a bunch of Samurai Champloo.

Yesterday we went to the caves near me and took the tour, which are blissfully 52° year-round, and even saw the mystery box which contains directions to make diamonds (get some coal, find a high cliff, and get struck by lightning). Then we ordered pizza for drama night, which my mother flaked out of, so we ended up watching the first 5 episodes of Hanakimi. Some day I'll finish at least one drama the whole way through.

Then we got sushi for lunch. godzilla and crunchy california rolls, nom nom nom. and now we're going to sit around like slugs! It's good that I can make good use of the remainder of my summer break like this.

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