August 21st, 2009

anywhere junsu goes

David Archuleta Is American Nozawa

Went to the David Archuleta/Demi Lovato concert with my mother tonight, but i didn't completely lose all my street cred until I actually enjoyed myself and then bought a light stick (it flashes six different colors DONT JUDGE ME).

But anyway, they were both good! It was a very enjoyable show, even if the median age of everybody present was about 10 years old.

So then we went in Chocolate World to get milkshakes and wait for the traffic to die down, and my mother opted to get a float instead.

my mother: "What flavors of float can I get?"
waitress: " can really get anything."
mom: "do you have root beer?"
waitress: "....yes."
mom: "can I put vanilla ice cream in it?"
waitress: "...............of course?"

Then my mom got annoyed because I cracked up, but I was like Seriously? you made it sound like you were going to have strange demands and then asked for the most normal float in the universe. even the girl when she came back was like "yeah, that's not what i was expecting."

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