August 26th, 2009

deep thoughts

Various and Sundry

1. I've been playing (and having my ass routinely handed to me) flash Hanafuda for days. Lol, why is this so fun? random trivia: Nintendo actually got its start printing Hanafuda decks.

2. I'm so excited that Kisumai is actually getting a national tour. *pokes at Yokohama* I'm not so excited that the new song is called "Hair" though, lol. My Playzone soundtrack should arrive tomorrow~

3. There's business going down at work that I should be really angry about, and I sort of am, but mostly I just don't expect anything better from them. I guess now that I'll have tenure once the year starts I'll have to start seriously considering what to do next. please no moving. no more mooooooving.

4. This headache will not go away ugh.

5. my self-motivation is at like negative ten. For dinner I had hot dogs and instant mashed potatoes, but I was too lazy to even boil water, so I totally made the potatoes in the microwave. my white trashery, let me show you it. for my next trick, I'll eat half a ring of ring bologna with only a knife! maybe. maybe i'll just gnaw pieces off.

maybe it's no wonder I live alone.

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