September 4th, 2009

tego is the asian one

Is This Week Over? Because It Sucked.

Tegoshi (the rat) died abruptly and without warning last night. I was giving them their rice chex right before I went to bed, Tegoshi and Masuda came up the ramp and grabbed some out of my hand, like they do every night, and literally ten seconds later, Tegoshi wobbled once, then had what I can only assume was some sort of stroke or seizure while Masuda and I stared in horror, and then he just fell over and that was it.

It was really upsetting. I mean, I've had quite a number of rats and guinea pigs die, and more than a few die actually in my hands, but it's never been anything like that. One second everything was fine, and the next he was just dead. I didn't even know what to do so i just sat there and cried for a long while. needless to say, I didn't sleep well after that.

School is Looking for a new district is basically my worst nightmare (have you perhaps noticed that I hate change and upheaval?) but I just don't see how anybody who is even half as educated and competent as me could put up with it for any serious length of time.

I went out with my parents to the casino tonight, again, and as usual suck at gambling. Not like I was in the best mood when I went, and I came out (after hours and hours) ~$9 ahead, so I shouldn't complain, but honestly I wish I was the sort of person who won things once in a while. My dad and I are both like that (not that it stops my father from going to the casino), where there's totally zero chance of us having a randomly awesome spin on any machine you'd care to name. It must be nice to be able to put twenty bucks in a slot machine and not be 100% positive that you won't be getting it back.

I continue to enjoy the goldfish game, which at least has lots of bonus games and takes me a good long time (usually) to lose my $20. And it's a long weekend, so I don't have to look anybody in the face for a few days.
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