September 6th, 2009

no words for tendou

Faffing About

I'm through watching season 4 of Supernatural, which as always I enjoyed more while watching more quickly, but I continue to feel displeased with the end of the season. It's not that I am terribly opposed to what happens, it's just that I knew what was going to happen for ages and kept waiting for Kripke to dazzle me, but it never happened.

I finally got the website to display story summaries on all the tag and date pages! It looks way better, but the downside is that now that the cut-tag isn't there anymore, all my pairing information is missing. oops. so I'm working my way back and adding that into the excerpts. Thankfully the ratings are tags.

Still absolutely no progress on the Rainbow Bridge fic, nor anything else for that matter. I did do my passport renewal application and get photos taken at the CVS (in which I look like total crap~). At least I don't have to go back to school tomorrow yet.

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