September 9th, 2009

capybara not impressed

Someday I Will Be Early For Something

I had a crapload of errands to run after school before my meeting. So I dashed out of school as fast as I could and went back to the faraway post office (see also: yesterday's fail) and turned in my Passport renewal stuff finally, and then had to run over to my parents to get a bunch of food my mother was very insistent that I needed, and then fix a bunch of spreadsheet stuff i needed for the meeting, and then dash back out to meet a coworker for dinner before the meeting as well. also it rained a lot.

But I was so proud of myself, because I was on time for dinner, and we left in plenty of time and we were going to be early for this meeting, which never ever happens and...the meeting started an hour earlier than I thought it did. WAAAAH. so everybody stared as we slunk in. HAZUKASHII YO. D:

I wish I had the energy to write anything, but honestly I'm going to just crawl into bed, like I did last night, because I am a little old lady. And drama night is tomorrow night.

TOO MANY THINGS. I need summer back.

In other news, I finally mentioned YOKOHAMACON 2009 (can we call it that? we need a snappier name) to my parents, and they took it far better than I expected. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for added shows still, because I'd really rather not take as many unpaid days off as I will have to otherwise.

PS - the_kouhai says I can have Miyata all to myself. WIN. *fends off Tama*
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PPS - An Unreasonable Request

I realize this is totally unreasonable, but I would do anything for new Chaotic Butterfly fic right now.

except, you know, write it.

ETA: you know, that PDF's been downloaded 164 times? I think it's pretty amazing that 164 people anywhere ever want to read my junk about a made-up boyband. ♥

ETA2: WHAT. There's a seller listing CB for $36.13 under 'more buying options.' I just cracked up for like a minute and half. WHY IN GODS NAME DOES THAT EXIST. I wonder if they actually possess a copy, bizarrely, or just order it if some moron orders it from them. IM UR LISTINS, RESELLIN UR ORIGINAL FIKSHUNS.
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