September 13th, 2009

machine gun hamster

Harrisburg to JFK = layover in Charlotte

um, itunes just updated itself to 9.0, and now it won't collapse back to it's little miniature form.

also, the interface changed again. Can I have itunes 3 back? please?

ugh, cannot deal. going to bed.

PS - Beth, I am actually turning up reasonable things if I put in Harrisburg to Tokyo (quick stopover at Dulles) so i guess we ought to talk about that. no rush and whatnot.
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I Think I Went To Nagoya to Shop Once

option + green (maximize) button is apparently how you get the mini-player back, or shift+control+m. I still claim update fail, especially since the bug where itunes eats my search string after a little while is still not fixed. but hey, let's break more shit! that's more fun.

Miyata's birthday is tomorrow! Er, or right now, for him, actually, but at any rate I really do want to get something written for him.

My nephew had his first birthday party today! He totally started walking, like, yesterday. AGH SO BIG. We gave him his own cake to smash, figuring he'd be in there with two fists, but he was like "wtf is this?" and was totally unimpressed with how it made his hands messy. Lol, if somebody presented me with that choice i would be facedown in the cake.

One of my little guys caught Pokerus? But it's good? i remember when pokemon was simple.

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Fic, Kis-My-Ft2, One AM Crazy

Title: One AM Crazy [Tamamori/Miyata]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for rimming, among other things.
Summary: Miyata has something to ask for his birthday, but somehow it's Tamamori whose requests all seem unreasonable in the end.
AN: This is still not the rainbow bridge fic. Criminey. The incident with Junta that Tamamori mentions is from this fic here, by yeska_noka. For Miyata's birthday. The title's only funny, I suppose, if you've listened to Hair from the PLAYZONE ost as much as I have.

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