September 19th, 2009



The mailperson just handed me a package from diamondsjack, WHICH IS THE BEST PACKAGE EVER.

It's a magnetic notepad and it's SO EFFING CUTE. DJ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ASGLKJAGKJAGKJSGKSAJGAL. Also there are nikachu badges.


In other news, I'm going to be in the total minority on this, but not only do I think that Jin's An-An shoot is not hot, but really it just sort of makes me feel awful for him and whoever that girl is, since they had to pose like that probably for hours in front of creepy photographers. The only shot I like at all is the one where he's laughing.
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cheap ramen


○ I think I am allergic to my couch again. I see more vacuuming in my future.

× I finally finished the stupid rainbow bridge fic and sent it to jackowesla with a note begging her to fix it. why is writing so hard.

△ I told someone from work that I'd go to Octoberfest with them tonight. Yes, you heard me, octoberfest. Now I'm regretting answering my phone because I just want to sit here on my butt.

□ If you can figure out why my bullet points are these shapes in this order, you win.
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