September 22nd, 2009

1 percent alien

And They Have Pygmy Hippos

PLANE TICKETS GET. *giant sigh of relief* I still can't quite believe this is going down, but all of the major disasters so far have been averted.

And then i got a flu shot this morning and now my arm hurts so badly oh my god. This is complete bullshit. No wonder I never did this before.

New challenge over at je100; this week is Inter-unit Love! Ignore the part where I can't make a mod post without several major typos and get your butts over there to put out. Last week we had 39 pirate drabbles, which is crazy and amazing~

Also my rainbow bridge fic is finally finished, thank jesus, and Beth has discovered the BYOB cafe, where the B stands for BUNNY. If there's a BYOGP cafe I AM SO IN.
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