September 29th, 2009

omg stfu

You Can't Leave a Message With the Answering Service

waah so tired and whiny. I'm sick of running crazy places and having all sorts of meetings and nearly being late for everything and having a bunch of appointments in a row. I'm sick of my job a lot. Nothing's even really wrong with it, in particular at this moment, I just have a lot of angryface for it. and everything else. maybe it's pms.

also i called my dermatologist's office to leave a message, but apparently they have hired an answering service to answer the phone and then say that they can't take a message. So I couldn't leave a message. AGH.

AU week on je100. *eyes DJ in particular* I expect lots of good shit, or maybe just more pirates. whichever. Go write! Even if you haven't written before, give it a try! all comers are welcome. that's what Jin said.

I keep trying to write but all that wants to come out is the terrible Tsuka fic i've discussed with a couple of you.
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